Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Well, that was an experiment gone awry!

Good heavens -- two days of isometrics and I could hardly walk!

I'm hardly going to start over now. In another whirlwind decision, I'm moving to Missouri next week to live near my mother. Plans are made, packing is underway, and I'm actually starting to look forward to the beautiful drive. Up to California, east through Yuma, north to Flagstaff, and turn right.

Missouri is not new to me, but it's not home, either. I've never had a home. I'm a Navy brat with no ties to anywhere. This move is a magnificent adventure, bittersweet and profound. One thing is certain: I thank God that, at this difficult crossroads I've arrived at in my life, I have the opportunity to take care of my Mom. Not everyone does.

Hours and hours of phoning ahead (and many, many prayers) have reaped tons of blessings, including warm people and helping hands. I've got a house waiting for me that sounds pretty perfect and all the telephone numbers I could ever want.

Relocating with fibro is not exactly a day at the beach. I've done it a thousand times before and, truth be told, this is one of the smoothest. I've been given the strength to do the work and minimum pain at night. Oh yes, and a relatively clear head! As long as I stay off the isometrics, that is.

I've been explaining this monumental change to Lucy, in between boxes and phone calls, but she doesn't seem impressed. She will be, though, when I settle her on the passenger seat next Saturday in her spacious first-class crate!

Until then, it's me at work and MacKitty at rest.

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  1. My cats didn't like our move very much. I suppose that takes some explaining though ... We had three and one died right before the move from diabetes that we didn't know she had. Very sad story. One was a male we adopted from outside that became aggressive. I think the other cat dying and then all the changes in the house and the packing just set him off. He sprayed everywhere and then started attacking our other cat ~ my older siamese. We had him stay with friends who loved him so much they asked to keep him. We let them thinking that another change would probably be hard on him anyway.

    Then we moved into our new home and my Siamese went from room to room just howling and she's really very quiet for a Siamese. I figured she missed the company of the other two cats. So we adopted. I knew she was old and I wanted the new cat not to be alone so we got two around the same age so they could grow up together. So now I have three. One Siamese, one Maine Coone and one Tuxedo. lol They make quite the mix. If you're on facebook you can look me up (my blog has my link) and I have pics there of all my animals.

    I'm sorry you are in pain after your workout.

    I'm glad your move is going well though.